Getting Started

Let’s embark on the home building journey with ZAMAN HOMES – a step by step guide regarding important processes of construction.

Meet and Greet

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to know our client and familiarise ourselves with their desired expectations. The pre-construction meeting paves the way for a stronger relationship between both the parties. Ideas and suggestions are exchanged to assist the esteemed patrons and Zaman Homes to make informed choices about their future homes.

Construction Cost and Initial Deposit

The estimated costs and various house packages are presented in front of the customers in accordance with their financial borrowing capacity. The financial commitments are discussed for example stamp duty, site costs, initial deposit that cover all the documentation and contract costs. Further recommendations are exchanged to enable the clients to borrow with confidence and remain within their respective finances. Moreover, First Home Owner Grant eligibility is also suggested if it’s the customers’ first home.

Colour Selection

Our amazing staff works together with the customers to personalise their home with their choice of exciting colours, durable fixtures and contemporary fittings to brighten their home with warmth, comfort and welcoming environment.

Contract Agreement

All documentations related to Fixed Price Building Contract including the house drawings and sales specifications are formally signed to finalise the preliminary paperwork. Zaman Homes ensures that the site is ready to build on and undertakes relevant measures to rectify any foreseeable issues before construction commences.

Construction Begins

The building supervisor has access to all the building plans to initiate the construction process. The foundation stone of your house is set when the slab of your future home is laid as per your specifications. Each construction phase is subject to approval by the building surveyor in accordance with the Australian Building Standards. In addition, Zaman Homes also undertakes private quality and standard inspections at various stages. Our site managers are committed to ensure that the construction work progresses at the desired pace in order to guarantee its completion at the anticipated time.

Handing Over

All the painstaking and tireless efforts put in by the client and every team member at Zaman Homes, bear fruit when our valued customers become the proud owner of their own beautiful home. Brand new house keys are presented to the new home owners upon receipt of all the requisite payments.


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