Love the suburb you live in but your house is not fulfilling your family requirements?

Thinking of building a new house and don’t want to leave your cherished neighbourhood?

Zaman Homes offers to take down your existing house and reconstruct a brand new dwelling with your preferred designs.

Your Savings

• No real estate agents’ appointments and waiting issues
• No Property stamp duty
• Enjoy your cherished suburb
• No change of school for kids
• Remain in close proximity of family and friends

Step by Step Guide

Here’s how Zaman Homes will assist you in Knock-down Rebuild a house of your choice and life style needs.

1st Phase
Zaman Homes Advisor will collaborate with you, focusing on your future home ideas, financial obligations and land assessment. Your desired home design will be finalised, paying much attention to your current land requirements.

2nd Phase
Preliminary documentation will be organised including building contract, site inspection, soil report, etc. Moreover, application for a building permit will be undertaken and related drawings and engineering designs will also be formalised.

3rd Phase
Issuance of a building permit will authorise Zaman Homes to finalise the building contract with the prospective customer.

4th Phase
Existing house will be knocked down.

5th Phase
Zaman Homes’ dedicated team will assist you in choosing the appropriate colour pattern for your future house, practical features for your personal lifestyle, vibrant finishing to enliven your house with colour and style, etc.

6th Phase
Upon receipt of your building permit, the construction works for your proposed plan will be initiated.

7th Phase
Project completion and stepping in your tailor-made, new and peaceful abode.


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